Korniche roof lanterns ALL BLACK 3642x3642mm & 2722x2362mm *with extra bar* and sunshade blue 1.0 glazing

£5,939.00 inc. VAT

Bespoke Lantern for Justin Lack 

Award winning Korniche Roof Lanterns are ideal for flat roof extensions, loft conversions & home renovations.

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Bespoke Lanterns for Justin Lack


Elegant and sleek in design, Korniche roof lanterns give extra special visual appeal to flat roof extensions and optimise a room’s use of natural light.

Korniche roof lanterns achieve this through minimal structure, large glass spans and slim sightlines to provide the perfect finish for a contemporary kitchen or lounge living space.

Installable in under 30 minutes by a professional, once fitted Korniche glass lanterns give rooms the instant impression of a higher ceiling and a brighter, more spacious feel all-round.

All units are thermally broken and built with high performance glazing to reduce heat transfer and help maintain a comfortable indoor climate all year round.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimal structure for uninterrupted views and superior daylight flow
  • Constructed from modern materials with traditional timber lines
  • Fully fitted in under 30 minutes
  • 100% thermally broken aluminium construction for year-round temperature comfort
  • 24mm thick, toughened self cleaning glass
  • Innovative glass lock system and tamper proof fasteners
  • Argon filled double glazing
  • Neutral, blue tint, and sunshade blue tint glazing options available
  • Range of standard and bespoke colour combinations


  • Eaves to sit flush on the external upstand
  • Ensure upstand is level and square
  • It is the responsibility of the installer to determine the finishing detail of the inside
  • No sealant required in roof construction
  • After the eaves beam has been fitted, the installer need not apply any further sealant. All seals are pre-fitted. No mess, no wasted time.