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With a wide range of glazing options and colours, the Korniche roof lantern system is the perfect way to bring light in to your home.

With the frame constructed entirely from aluminium, these roof lanterns combine the look of a traditional wooden design whilst exceeding standards in strength, warmth, and security.

Our best performing glazing has a u-Value of just 1.0 equalling the thermal performance of triple glazing. While the various tints reduce the glare and fading from traditional roof windows.

Korniche Roof Lantern FAQs

What is the Korniche roof lantern made from?

The Korniche Roof Lantern has a full aluminium profile.

What is the thermal efficiency of the Korniche roof lantern?

Thermal efficiency of the Korniche has been guaranteed by the elimination of cold bridging, this is achieved by the total isolation of the external aluminium profiles from the internal ones. Combined with high performance glazing, the Korniche’s ability to reduce heat transfer is in a class of its own.

What glazing options are available?

We offer different glazing tints to customise your bespoke roof lantern.  1.2 U-value glazing is the equivalent to double glazing, and can be supplied in Clear, Blue and Neutral. Our 1.0 U-value glazing is the equivalent to triple glazing, and reflects 85% of the solar glare. This can be supplied in Sunshade Blue or Aqua.

Does the Korniche roof lantern come with a guarantee?

All of our Korniche Roof Lantern systems come with a 10 year guarantee by Korniche.

How easy is it to fit a Korniche Roof Lantern?

Many domestic customers undertake the installation of a roof lantern themselves with adequate manpower as the product is so well made and easy to fit, but we recommend a registered window fitter.

Can I customise the size of the roof lantern?

Yes! All Korniches are made to measure up to a maximum size of 6m x 4m. Bespoke sizes are on the same pricing structure as our standard listed lanterns so you will not pay more for sizes not listed on the website. We simply cannot fit them all on there!

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