Atlas Traditional Aluminium Roof Lantern

Frequently Asked Questions

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As a leading supplier of Atlas Roof Lanterns in the UK we get asked a lot of questions about our products. If you don’t find the answer to your query we would love to hear from you.

What are the benefits of Atlas roof lanterns?

The Atlas roof lantern is considered one of the strongest on the market and is the perfect addition to a new extension or refurbished room.

Of course, the main benefit of any roof lantern is the expanse of natural light you will get into the home. There is no better way to create a feeling of light and space than by installing a glazed roof product, which is why they are now almost standard on single-storey rear extensions. If you are adding an extension to your home and looking to create a more open plan, expansive feel, then a roof lantern is highly recommended.

Are Atlas roof lanterns easy to fit?

Our roof products are designed to be easy to fit for people with DIY experience. Our products come pre-glazed for easy installation and roof lanterns come with illustrated instructions and clearly labelled, pre-cut parts. However, it is always wise to have the products fitted by somebody with experience present.

Please also remember that the product can require several people to lift the heavy glass units, and working at a height always requires appropriate health and safety measures are observed.

How do I clean the Atlas roof lantern?

The glass itself should be cleaned in the normal way, with a soft sponge and warm water with mild detergent. As some roof products may have restricted access we offer self-cleaning glass as standard, which has a coating on to help remove dirt particles when rainwater hits it.

How do I know the Atlas roof lanterns are good quality?

We only use industry-leading brands for our products, which is especially important when considering roof lanterns as they can vary greatly in quality. We proudly display every brand we supply, and any research into these brands will confirm they are of impeccable quality.

It is important to choose a reputable roof product, as once installed it can be problematic to carry out remedial work. Our roof products are not only considered the strongest on the market, but they are renowned for their ease of installation (all parts are cut and clearly labelled with illustrated installation instructions).

Will I be given a technical drawing once I place my order for an Atlas roof lantern?

Any order for a roof lantern will receive a technical CAD drawing for your sign off and approval.